Inconel 825 Bolts

Inconel 825 Bolts

Incoloy 825 Bolts are designed to permit enunciation instead of the demonstration of joining. Rimco Overseas is offering wide scope of Incoloy 825 High Tensile Bolts, Alloy 825 screws, Incoloy 825 Full string stud, Incoloy 825 fumes bolts, Incoloy 825 turbo bolts, Incoloy 825 Forgings, Incoloy 825 Stud Bolts, Alloy 825 Round Head Bolts, Incoloy 825 Hex Cap Screw, Incoloy 825 level head top screw, Incoloy Alloy 825 attachment head top screw, fixings, Incoloy 825 Spring Washer, Incoloy 825 Flat Washer, Incoloy 825 Nuts, Incoloy 825 Heavy Hex Nuts, bolts, grapples, embeds, studs, strung bars and hose clips in your required size, best case scenario cost since we are related with driving producers of Incoloy Alloy 825 Fasteners. Torqbolt is Alloy 825 Fasteners distributor.we are providing Incoloy 825 Studs,Incoloy 825 Washers and Incoloy 825 Bolts in excess. we have surplus load of 1/2" to 3/4" Incoloy 825 Nuts and Bolts .

Incoloy Alloy 825 Fasteners planned exceptionally to run with any modern application with national and global standard nature of crude materials. Our customers can profit a wide scope of Incoloy 825 clasp for aviation, compound and Pharma industry for high erosion safe applications. Incoloy 825 Bolts are the best choice and used to produce Aircraft parts. Incoloy 825 clasp can be utilized in administration temperatures going from cryogenic to 2200°F (982°C). If we don't have your Incoloy 825 Fasteners in stock (Inch or Metric) we can make it according to your detail.

Incoloy 825 is helpful material to fabricate top notch latches for oil and gas, Food Processing too control age Industries. They are utilized for use of Sulfuric corrosive and fashioned Incoloy 825 Screws astounding destructive safe material. Incoloy 825 Bolts are more prominent protection from stress. Rimco Overseas is stockist and broker of Incoloy Incoloy 825 Bolts in Mumbai India.


Rimco Overseas is a known producer of Incoloy 825 Fasteners, which are fabricated from chromium press Nickel Bolts composite with augmentations of copper and molybdenum. We additionally offer the equivalent in various sorts, for example, Incoloy 825 Nuts, Inconel 825 Bolts Bolts, Inconel 825 Bolts Washers, and Inconel 825 Bolts Stud Bolt. These latches are a Nickel Bolts-press chromium compound with titanium, copper, and molybdenum. Incoloy UNS N08825 fasteners are high temperature safe high Nickel Bolts combination latches that can be made into a wide assortment of items. Inconel composites or super compounds are Nickel Bolts-based combinations that display high protection from consumption, oxidation, carburization, setting, fissure, erosion splitting and high temperature quality. Inconel 825 Bolts fasteners are made of a Nickel Bolts-press chromium amalgam with increments of molybdenum and copper. Each bit of Inconel 825 Bolts Fasteners is created utilizing top review rust proof steel to give the long life benefit.

The hot - working extent for Inconel 825 Bolts is 1600 to 2150° F. Inconel Din 2.4858 fasteners have outrageous protection from both decreasing and oxidizing acids, push consumption splitting and to restricted assault, for example, setting and hole erosion and furthermore different climate conditions. The compound has extraordinary protection from general consumption, setting, fissure erosion, and stress-erosion splitting in numerous watery conditions including those containing sulfides and chlorides. Combination 825 offers excellent protection from consumption by sulphuric and phosphoric acids and is regularly the most financially savvy composite in sulphuric corrosive administration. Incoloy 825 concoction creation gives extraordinary protection from numerous destructive situations, for example, setting, cleft consumption, intergranular erosion, and stress-erosion breaking. Purchase Alloy 825 Bolts at sensible rates from us.


Inconel 825 Bolts Specifications

Material : Inconel 825
Standard : DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards
Length : 3 mm to 200 mm
Size : M3 – M56 | 3/6″ to 2″ | Custom Sizes
Type : Hex Head Bolts, Square Bolts, U bolts, Eye bolts, T bolt, Hex Bolt, Lag Bolts, Counter sunk Bolts, Hex Head nuts, Square nuts, Lock nuts, Eye nuts, wing nuts, T nuts, Panel Nuts, Coupling Nuts, Dome nuts, Acorn Nuts.


Types of Inconel 825 Bolts

Inconel Hex Head Bolt Inconel Alloy Hex Head Bolts
Inconel Hex Head Bolt
ASTM 825 Inconel Hex Head Bolt
Inconel Square Bolt Inconel Alloy Square Bolts
Inconel Square Bolt
ASTM 825 Inconel Square Bolt
Inconel U Bolt Inconel Alloy U Bolts
Inconel U Bolt
ASTM 825  Inconel U Bolt
Inconel Eye Bolt Inconel Alloy  Eye Bolts
Inconel Eye Bolt
ASTM 825  Inconel Eye Bolt
Inconel T Bolt Inconel Alloy T Bolts
Inconel T Bolt
ASTM 825 Inconel T Bolt
Inconel Hex Bolt Inconel Alloy Hex Bolts
Inconel Hex Bolt
ASTM 825 Inconel Hex Bolt
Inconel Lag Bolt Inconel Alloy Lag Bolts
Inconel Lag Bolt
ASTM 825 Inconel Lag Bolt
Inconel Counter sunk Bolt Inconel Alloy Counter sunk Bolts
Inconel Counter sunk Bolt
ASTM 825 Counter sunk Bolt


Chemical composition OF Inconel 825 Bolts





Nickel Bolts

38.0 – 46.0


0.05 max


19.5 – 23.5


1.0 max


2.5 – 3.5


0.03 max


1.5 – 3.0


0.5 max


0.6 – 1.2


0.2 max


22.0 min (~33%)


physical PROPERTIES of Inconel 825 Bolts



0.2% Proof Stress

Tensile Strength








Cold drawn




















ASTM Specifications of Inconel 825 Bolts

Pipe Smls Pipe Welded Tube Smls Tube Welded Sheet/Plate Bar Forging Fitting
B423       B424 B425 B564 B366, B564


Mechanical Properties of Inconel 825 Bolts

Tensile (ksi) .2% Yield (ksi)
85 30-35


Characteristics of Inconel 825 Bolts

»   Excellent resistance to reducing and oxidizing acids
»   Good resistance to stress-corrosion cracking
»   Satisfactory resistance to localized attack like pitting and crevice corrosion
»   Very resistant to sulfuric and phosphoric acids
»   Good mechanical properties at both room and elevated temperatures up to approximately 1000°F
»   Permission for pressure-vessel use at wall temperatures up to 800°F


Applications of Inconel 825 Bolts

»   Chemical Processing
»   Pollution-control
»   Oil and gas well piping
»   Nuclear fuel reprocessing
»   Components in Pickling equipment like heating coils, tanks, baskets and chains
»   Acid production


Other Grades of Inconel Bolts

  • Inconel 600 Bolt
  • Inconel 601 Bolt
  • Inconel 625 Bolt
  • Inconel 718 Bolt
  • Incoloy 800 / 800H / 800HT Bolt
  • Incoloy 825 Bolt
  • Incoloy 925 Bolt
  • Incoloy 330/ SS 330/ Ra 330 Bolt




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