Hastelloy C22 Bolts

Hastelloy C22 Bolts

Rimco Overseas offer Bolt items in practically all different material including hastelloy C22. We produce these hastelloy C22 rushes down the middle string ,full string length with size from M5 upto M72 and above on request. These Alloy C22 jolts are provided with prevalent surface completion. We at Rimco Overseas keep a standard load of these material in order to empower opportune generation and Delivery.


Rimco Overseas is one of the eminent maker and providers of Hastelloy C22 Bolts, which can be best under high temperatures and destructive conditions, with high pressure resistance. Hastelloy C22 Hex Bolts additionally opposes sulfuric, phosphoric, formic, acidic acids and other nonoxidizing media. Different corrosives Hastelloy C22 Heavy Bolts has protection from are oxidizing corrosive chlorides, wet chlorine, formic and acidic acids, ferric and cupric chlorides, ocean water, brackish water and many blended or sullied substance arrangements, both natural and inorganic. Hastelloy C22 Square Bolts can be manufactured utilizing indistinguishable systems from are utilized for composites C-276 or C-4. Notwithstanding having remarkable consumption obstruction, Hastelloy C22 Round Head Bolts can likewise be promptly manufactured. Hastelloy C22 Hex Cap Screws, (similar to C-276) is utilized in contamination control, concoction preparing, mash and paper creation, squander treatment, marine seawater applications, and so forth.

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Hastelloy C-22 has resistance to are oxidizing acid chlorides, wet chlorine, formic and acetic acids, ferric and cupric chlorides, sea water, brine and many mixed or contaminated chemical solutions, both organic and inorganic. Alloy C-22 should not be used in service temperatures above 1250° F due to the formation of detrimental phases which form above this temperature. If we do not have your Hastelloy C22 Bolts  in stock (Inch or Metric) we can have these manufactured to your specification.


Hastelloy Alloy C22 Bolts Specifications

Materials : Hastelloy Alloy C22
Standard : DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards
Length : 3 mm to 200 mm
Size : M3 – M56 | 3/6″ to 2″ | Custom Sizes
Type : Hex Head Bolts, Square Bolts, U bolts, Eye bolts, T bolt, Hex Bolt, Lag Bolts, Counter sunk Bolts, Hex Head nuts, Square nuts, Lock nuts, Eye nuts, wing nuts, T nuts, Panel Nuts, Coupling Nuts, Dome nuts, Acorn Nuts.


Types of Hastelloy Bolts

Hastelloy Hex Head Bolt Hastelloy Alloy Hex Head Bolts
Hastelloy Hex Head Bolt
Hastelloy Alloy C22 Hex Head Bolt
Hastelloy Square Bolt Hastelloy Alloy Square Bolts
Hastelloy Square Bolt
Hastelloy Alloy C22 Square Bolt
Hastelloy U Bolt Hastelloy Alloy U Bolts
Hastelloy U Bolt
Hastelloy Alloy C22 U Bolt
Hastelloy Eye Bolt Hastelloy Alloy Eye Bolts
Hastelloy Eye Bolt
Hastelloy Alloy C22 Eye Bolt
Hastelloy T Bolt Hastelloy Alloy T Bolts
Hastelloy T Bolt
Hastelloy Alloy C22 T Bolt
Hastelloy Hex Bolt Hastelloy Alloy Hex Bolts
Hastelloy Hex Bolt
Hastelloy Alloy C22 Hex Bolt
Hastelloy Lag Bolt Hastelloy Alloy Lag Bolts
Hastelloy Lag Bolt
Hastelloy Alloy C22 Lag Bolt
Hastelloy Counter sunk Bolt Hastelloy Alloy Counter sunk Bolts
Hastelloy Counter sunk Bolt
Hastelloy Alloy C22 Counter sunk Bolt



Element Composition<(%)
Nickel Bolts 56.00 (As Balanced)
Cobalt2.5 max.
Chromium 22
Molybdenum 13
Tungsten 3
Iron 3 max.
Silicon 0.08 max.
Manganese 0.50 max.
Carbon 0.01 max.
Copper 0.5 max.
Vanadium 0.35 max.



Property Value
Density 0.314 lb/in
8.69 g/cm3
Modulus of Elasticity 30.3 x 106 psi
209 GPa
Melting Range 2475 – 2550°F
1357 – 1399°C
Thermal Conductivity

7.7 Btu/hr • ft • °F
11.1 W/mK
Mean Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
75 to 200°F
24 to 93°C

6.9 μm/in.-°F
12.4 μm/m.°C
Specific Heat Capacity 0.099 Btu/lb.-°F
414 J/Kg-K
Electrical Resistivity 730.7 µΩm•circ mil/ft
1.215 µΩm
Magnetic Permeability
at 200 oersted (15.9 kA/m)


Characteristics of Hastelloy C22 Bolts

»   Resistant to pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking
»   Outstanding resistance to both reducing and oxidizing media
»   Excellent resistance to oxidizing aqueous media
»   Exceptional resistance to a wide variety of chemical process environments including strong oxidizers such as ferric acids, acetic anhydride, and seawater and brine solutions
»   Resists the formation of grain-boundary precipitates in the weld heat-affected zone
»   Excellent weldability


Applications of Hastelloy C22 Bolts

»   Pharmaceutical industries use alloy C-22 fittings and tubing to avoid contamination caused by corrosion related failures
»   Cellophane manufacturing
»   Chlorination systems
»   Pesticide production
»   Incineration scrubber systems
»   Chemical process industry in equipment like flue gas scrubbers, chlorination systems, sulfur dioxide scrubbers, pulp and paper bleach plants, pickling systems, and nuclear fuel reprocessing
»   Waste water processing


Other Grades of Hastelloy Bolts

  • Hastelloy C22 Bolt/Nut
  • Hastelloy C276 Bolt/Nut
  • Hastelloy B2 Bolt/Nut
  • Hastelloy B3 Bolt/Nut
  • Hastelloy X Bolt/Nut




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Hastelloy C22 Bolts
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